The Host

My name is Tania, daughter and granddaughter of farmers, I was born and raised in this village called Tuiriz and my eyes get to see every day the abandonment of the Galician countryside.

Since a very young age my connection with nature and life in the village has been very intense, and it is what made me unable to leave. For me community life in the country is fundamental for any type of personal development and a means and style of life.

Fogar do Pumar

Fogar do Pumar is more than a simple house for resting, it goes further than being a touristic dwelling. It is actually a project with one clear intention of reclaiming life in the country. Opening closed houses and give them a use, allow them to take in people who even for a short time will interact with the neighbors and be able to get to know our place. Travelers that will help us give vitality to the villages and at the same time contribute and enable, through their stay, the creation of jobs in the Galician countryside. Ones who will be accomplices to the people who look for an alternative way of life.

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About us

The house has recently been completely renovated. The travelers will enjoy its completely new facilities. The decoration was carefully picked and premeditated. Our aim was to make very present the country life, the memory materialized in the decoration using traditional farming tools, the retro-vintage decorative style in different parts of the house and the compromise with bioconstruction.

As the house is totally equipped, you will feel right at home upon entering, like in a small ancient country house. Pumar preserves the charm of those times of country life which today we are attempting to conserve.

The House

Our travelers can enjoy both of the house’s floors. They are connected by an external stone staircase and a wrought iron banister, forming a small balcony with views of the street. The external structure is of granite-type local stone. The house has a maximum capacity of 4 people and it disposes of a baby crib. For this reason it is ideal for families or small groups of friends.

Second floor

The second floor house is the living space formed by 36 m² and 3 areas: one double bedroom, one bathroom and a kitchen combined with living room. All parts of this space are perfectly equipped with the necessary materials for a pleasant stay. In the house you will also be able to enjoy free Wi-Fi and a pellet-consuming heating system exclusively available on the second floor. The kitchen has all the necessary equipment: dishwasher, vitroceramic stove top, fridge, microwave-oven, toaster, kettle, coffee pot, blender, etc. Next to the kitchen you will find the space dedicated for the living room which disposes of a sofa bed and a television.

Ground Floor

The bottom floor is one single space of 36 m² which has the iron, washing machine and dining table. It is a space of multiple uses where you can dine in fresh air during summer, keep bicycles, toys, etc. It is a space for leisure. In the past it performed as a stable and a small pantry. The walls were painted using white lime with the intention of restructuring the ambient and give light to this area. This room is decorated with various farming tools from our family's history; You will find a yoke, a traditional wooden plow and spear head, several wooden traditional pitchforks, etc.


In Tuiriz you will be able to catch a glimpse of various examples of traditional Galician architecture, as well as the typical landlord’s houses or big houses from the XIX-XX centuries, which belonged to various noblemen lineages of this village, presenting their coat of arms. There is also a landlord’s palace from the XVII century, 2 churches honoring “Santa María” and “Santa Eulalia” (both from the XVI century), a chapel from the XVII century honoring “Virgen del Carmen”, a wayside shrine and a 1890 parochial house accompanying an old parochial store.

Galician traditional architecture

In the village there are a number of traditional sources that are part of our ethnographic heritage. All of them spread throughout the different neighborhoods and their use has been of notable importance in the past to provide the residents with this precious commodity. In this regard, it is worth noting the presence of a community laundry, widely used in the past by rural women when there were no other means to wash their clothes.

In Tuiriz we still have the two buildings that served as schools in the stages of Francoism and post-Francoism “the Saa School” for boys and the “Road School” for girls. In addition, the oldest one which was a school in the time of our grandparents about 100 years ago, “the School of the Americans” in the Pacios neighborhood (mixed).


In terms of landscapes we have our communal hill “O Ferroedo”. Its size is 500 hectares which are utilized for different uses, such as: pines for selling wood, extraction of the pine’s resin, cultivation of cereals, pastures for livestock, etc. We also have one of the best views of the Ribeira Sacra in what is called “Alto de Capela” (656 meters of altitude). From that standing point you can achieve a 360˚ view of the Ribeira Sacra and the surrounding area while also being able to view directly the Valle de Lemos, which is the ideal place to end a route by foot, horse or mountain bike, and enjoy pure nature while observing auto-management of the communal property’s grounds.


With regards to the communal utilization of the hill, in 2018 we arranged the 1st celebration of the rye´s traditional harvest (Malla Tradicional).. NThis celebration represents the harvest and processing of the rye as it was done many years ago. The rye is planted in the terrain of our communal hill. This celebration has an historic and ethnographic nature also is planned among the neighbors who are the principal actors of every step of its organization and representation. That is why staying at Fogar do Pumar gives our guests the opportunity to have an actual living experience of the country side and visit a small village full of history and peculiarities which make it that much different than the others.

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