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Fogar do Pumar beholds a privileged location being in the village of Santa María de Tuiriz which is under the jurisdiction of Pantón. This village is located right in between two important places: Monforte de Lemos and Escairón. A good road plan communicating the two is noteworthy. We are part of one of the 21 municipalities which be part of the Ribeira Sacra and its touristic revitalization plan.

The Sil river and the Miño river are the two water sources coursing through these lands. The touristic catamarans travel through both of them, aboard which one can observe the unique views that are formed due to the typical Atlantic and Mediterranean vegetation of the area. On both rivers it is possible to find multiple options of sport activities such as Kayaking.

The traveles must know that they are staying in an area where the produced wines bear the title of “Denominación de origen Ribeira Sacra” which is a certificate of origin and quality of wine. There are plenty of wineries and vineyards to visit as well as wine tastings that will get your familiarize with the variety of grape and wine that are made here. Close to us you’ll find the winery Abadía da Cova, adjacent to the Miño. These are the places offered as part of wine tourism.

Traveling through the vineyards that paint the slopes of the river Sil it is also possible to enjoy a trip aboard the touristic train. From which one can observe the terraces cultivation system, what is called “viticultura heroica” (heroic viticulture). The river Miño is the one closest to Fogar do Pumar. Near we have the famous Cabo do Mundo, Playa Fluvial de A Cova, Fervenza de Augacaída (Waterfall), the Ecomuseo de Arxeriz (Museum), Torre Vilariño (The 1st rural house of Galicia) and the Pazo de Tor as must-see visiting landmarks.